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This page contains the E-mail addresses of Bangladeshi Agriculture Graduates (Krishibids), who are studying/working all over the World. To include your name, address and  e-mail number, please use the Submission form on the left side or at the bottom of this page.

  1. Abedin, Dr. Mohammed Zainul Int. Cent. Agril. Res.Dry Areas, Yemen.
  2. Abedin, Md. Joinal , University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom.
  3. Abedin, Md. Zainul, Kagawa University, Japan.
  4. Aditya, Tamal lata , University of London, United Kingdom.
  5. Afsar, Anisul, New South Wales University, Australia.
  6. Ahmad, Dr. Masum, Institute of Phytopathology and Zoology, Germany.
  7. Ahmad, Moin Udddin, Tokyo University of Fisheries, Japan
  8. Ahmed, A. M. M. Motaher, Nagoya University, Japan.
  9. Ahmed, Eakhlas Uddin, Kyoto University, Japan.
  10. Ahmed, Farid Uddin, New South Wales, Australia.
  11. Ahmed, Jalaluddin, Shimane University, Japan.
  12. Ahmed, Faruque, Shimane University, Japan.
  13. Ahmed, Kazi Mazzad (Titas), UTM, Malaysia.
  14. Ahmed, Kazi Shahanara, Kagawa University, Japan.
  15. Ahmed, M F R Sadeque, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom.
  16. Ahmed, Muftikhar (Tutul), Massey University, New Zealand.
  17. Ahmed, Main Uddin, New South Wales University, Australia. 
  18. Ahmed, Nesar (Shohag), Stirling University, United Kingdom. 
  19. Ahmed, Professor Dr. Mesbauddin, Institute of Agricultre and Forest Engineering, Japan.
  20. Ahmed, Rabeya (Sweety), Fremont, CA, USA.
  21. Ahmed, Salahuddin, IPK Gatersleben, Germany.
  22. Ahmed, Selina (Papri), Kyoto University, Japan.
  23. Ali, Md. Zulfikar(Jewel), University of Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom.
  24. Akanda, Dr. Rais, United States of America.
  25. Akbar, Professor Dr. M. Ali, Tohoku National Agricultutal Research Station, Japan.
  26. Akter, Dr. Shaheen, Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh.
  27. Akhter, Nahida, Sydney, Australia. 
  28. Akhter, Rezina Jhumu, Sydney, Australia. 
  29. Akhter, Rokshana Nahid, Massey University, New Zealand. 
  30. Alam, Dr. A.M. Shamsul (Mukul), Enzyme Development Corporation, New York, USA
  31. Alam, Dr. Mahbubul (Hiru), Guelph University, Canada. 
  32. Alam, Jahangir, New South Wales, Australia. 
  33. Alam, Md. Golam Mahbub, Tsukuba, Japan. 
  34. Alam, Md. Jahangir, Chiba University, Japan. 
  35. Alam, Md. Zahidul, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom.
  36. Alam, Md. Shah, Kagoshima University, Japan. 
  37. Alam, Dr. Md. Shariful (Tulu), Miyazaki University, Japan. 
  38. Alam, Rafiul(Lulu), Agriculture Western Australia, Australia.
  39. Alamgir, Mr. , Bangladesh Fisheries Resaerch Institute, Bangladesh.
  40. Al-Arabi, Syed Arif Mustafa, University of Bergen, Norway.
  41. Ali, Dr. Ayub, Denmark.
  42. Ali, Dr. Rustom, Saga University, Japan.
  43. Ali, Ibrahim , University of Arkansas, USA
  44. Ali, M. Sayed, Gifu University, Japan.
  45. Ali, Md. Babar Ripon, Oklahoma State University, USA.
  46. Ali, Md. Gous, Aberdeen University, United Kingdom. 
  47. Ali, Md. Shaha, Aberdeen University, United Kingdom.
  48. Ali, Md. Sohrab, Kyoto University, Japan.
  49. Ali, Sahajahan, Canberra ACT, Australia. 
  50. Amin, Md. Ruhul, University of Sydney, Australia.
  51. Ansari, Tahmid Hossain, Kochi University, Japan. 
  52. Anwar, T. M. Khurshid, Massey University, New Zealand.
  53. Ashraf, Md. Ali, Iwate University, Japan.
  54. Awal, Md. Abdul, Niigata University, Japan
  55. Azad, Abul Kalam, University of Southampton, U.K. 
  56. Azad, Md. Abul Kalam, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.
  57. Azam, Golam Nabi (Dallas), Agriculture Western Australia, Australia.
  58. Banu, Nargis A., University of Sydney, Australia. 
  59. Bari, Dr. Maksudul, Department of Land and Water Conservation, Australia.
  60. Bari, Md. Khaled Nasimul (Novel), Roopnagar R/A, Mirpur,Dhaka
  61. Bashar, Md. Abul, Agricultural University of Norway, Norway.
  62. Basunia, Dr. Mohammad Ali, Ehime University, Japan.
  63. Baten, Dr. Md. Abdul, National Institute of Agro-Environmental Sciences, Japan.
  64. Begum, Hosne A., University of Queensland, Australia.
  65. Begum, Mariam, CSIRO, Australia. 
  66. Begum, Mrs. Shamima, Gifu University, Japan. 
  67. Bhandari, Ramji Kumar, Hokkaido University, Japan. 
  68. Bhowmik, Archana (Fultu), Chesapeake, Virginia. USA.
  69. Bhowmik, Dr. Arunendra, Canada. 
  70. Bhuiyan, Anamul Haque (Mukul), University of Western Sydney, Australia.
  71. Bhuiyan, Dr. Abdul Motaleb, New South Wales, Australia.
  72. Bhuiyan, Lukmanur Rahman, Victoria, Australia. 
  73. Bhuiyan, Md. Musharraf Uddin, Seoul National University, South Korea
  74. Bhuiyan, Shamsul Arafin, University of Queensland, Australia.
  75. Biswas, Dr. Jiban Krishna, Yamagata University, Japan.
  76. Biswas, Md. Abdul Hai, Mie University, Japan. 
  77. Biswas, Biraj Kumar,Potsdam Inst. Klimafolgenforschung (PIK), Germany. 
  78. Biswas, Parimal Kanti, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. 
  79. Borhan, Saidul, North Dakota University, USA
  80. Bokshi, Anowarul Islam, CSIRO, Australia.
  81. Chakraborty, Professor Dr. Subhash C., University of Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom.
  82. Choudhury, Abu Turab Mohamad Ali, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.
  83. Chowdhury, Ahmed Jalal Khan UPMT, Malayasia. 
  84. Chowdhury, Asequl Arefin, New South Wales, Australia. 
  85. Choudhury, Dewan Ali Monsur, Imperial College at Wye, UK.
  86. Chowdhury, Dr. A.B.M. Nasir Uddin, University of Portsmouth, United kingdom.
  87. Chowdhury, Dr. Ashekul Arefin, Wollongbar Agricultural Institute, Australia.
  88. Chowdhury, Dr. Doza Md. S., University of Adelaide, Australia. 
  89. Chowdhury, Dr. S. M. Z. H., Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia. 
  90. Chowdhury, Dr. S.D., Seoul University, Korea.
  91. Chowdhury, Harun Rashid, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sweden.
  92. Chowdhury, Dr. Md. Akhter Hossain (Rana), Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh. 
  93. Chowdhury, Masudul Hoq, Hiroshima University, Japan.
  94. Chowdhury, Md. Habibur Rahman, United States of America. 
  95. Chowdhury, Mosharef, University of Sydney, Australia. 
  96. Chowdhury, Professor Dr. Bazlur Rashid, Stirling University, Scotland, U.K.
  97. Chowdhury, S. M. Ziqrul Haq, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia. 
  98. Chowdhury, Sayeda A. (Ruku), Sydney, Australia. 
  99. Das, Ranjit Kumar, University of Adelaide, Australia. 
  100. Das, Samaresh, Yamaguchi University, Japan. 
  101. Deb, Dr. Uttam Kumar, ICRISAT, India. 
  102. Dhakal, Bishnu Pada, Ehime University, Japan. 
  103. Dhakal, Ganesh Prasad, Hokkaido University, Japan.
  104. Dutta, Dr. Sunil, Department of Natural Resources, Australia. 
  105. Eaqub, Professor Dr. M., Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand. 
  106. Elahi, Dr. Khanadakar Qudrat-I, Willow Road, Guelph, Canada. 
  107. Ershaduzzaman, Dr.Md., Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia. 
  108. Faiz, Md. Jamal , Kagoshima University, Japan
  109. Faruq, Golam, National University of Malaysia, Malaysia.
  110. Faruk, Golam M. (Dawn), Krishibid Institution, Bangladesh.
  111. Faruque, Md. Ali Reza, Stirling University, United Kingdom. 
  112. Faruque, Prof. Dr. Abu Hena Md., Bangladesh Open University, Bangldesh. 
  113. Fazal, Dr. Md. Abul, Kyoto University, Japan.
  114. Fuad, Ahmed, Sydney, Australia. 
  115. Ghosh, Ashok Kumar, Kagawa University, Japan. 
  116. Ghosh, Paritosh Chandra, ISS, The Netherlands. 
  117. Goni, Dewan Osman (Dipu), Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. 
  118. Halder, Krishna Pada, University of London, United Kingdom.
  119. Hamid, Abdul (Liton), kyushu University, Japan.
  120. Hamid, M. Abdul, University of Reading, United Kingdom.
  121. Hamid, Md. Monjur, Sydney, Australia. 
  122. Hamid, Mohammad Abdul, University of Reading, United Kingdom.
  123. Hamiduzzaman, Mollah Md. (Mukta), CH- 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland.
  124. Haque, Md. Azizul, Lincoln University, New Zealand.
  125. Haque, Md. Rabiul, Sydney, Australia.
  126. Haque, Md. Shahidul, University of Sydney, Australia. 
  127. Haque, Md. Zahirul, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. 
  128. Haque, Mohammad Mizanul (Kazal), Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India.
  129. Haque, Mohammad Zahurul, American Soybean Association, Bangladesh.
  130. Haque, Shahidul, Sydney, Australia. 
  131. Haque, Shahroz Mahean, Kagoshima University, Japan
  132. Hasan, A. F. M. Feroj, Kagawa University, Japan. 
  133. Hasan, Dr. Rafiqul (Panju), Canada.
  134. Hasnat, Md. Abul (Opu), University of Western Sydney, Australia. 
  135. Hassan, Dr. Shafiqul (Mintu), New South Wales, Australia. 
  136. Hassan, Khairul (Lito), University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.
  137. Hasan, Mahbub, Nihon Seisoku Ltd., Fukushima, Japan.
  138. Hasan, Mahbub, Mandagsv-48bv, 123 60 Farsta, Sweden
  139. Hoque, A.K.M. Ziaul (Bablu), Australian Cotton Research Institute, Australia.
  140. Hoque, Md. Azharul (Tapu), Chonbuk National University, South Korea.
  141. Hoque, Md. Enamul, Wye College, University of London, U.K.
  142. Hoque, Md. Mahfuzul (Shaheen), Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.
  143. Hoque, Md. Mozammel (Khokon), Chiba University, Japan.
  144. Hoque, Md. Murshidul, Shimane University, Japan.
  145. Hoque, Md. Shamsul, Australian National University, Australia. 
  146. Hossain, Ansari Tahmid, Kochi University, Japan.
  147. Hossain, Dr. Amjad, South Albama University, U.S.A.
  148. Hossain, Dr. Arshad, University of Hohenheim, Germany.
  149. Hossain, Dr. M. Mofazzal, Miyazaki University, Japan.
  150. Hossain, Dr. Md. Zakaria, Kyoto University, Japan. 
  151. Hossain, Dr. S. M. Zahangir , Mie University, Japan. 
  152. Hossain, Dr. Shah M. Alamgir, Charles Sturt University, Australia. 
  153. Hossain, Dr. Tanvir Zobair, Austalian Federal Government, Australia. 
  154. Hossain, Manwar, Brace Centre for Water Resources Management, Canada.
  155. Hossain, Md. Akbar, Ryukyus University, Japan. 
  156. Hossain, Md. Alamgir, Hokkaido University, Japan.
  157. Hossain, Md. Amzad, Ryukyus University, Japan.
  158. Hossain, Md. Bilal, Bangladesh Open University, Bangladesh.
  159. Hossain, Md. Ismail (Kochi), Kochi University, Japan. 
  160. Hossain, Md. Khaled, Tokyo University of Fisheries, Japan. 
  161. Hossain, Md. Mukhter, University of western Sydney, Australia.
  162. Hossain, Md. Motahar, Photonic Laboratory, Sydney, Australia.
  163. Hossain, Md Zakir, Gifu university, Japan.
  164. Hossain, Mohammad H., Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.
  165. Hossain, Mohammed Idul, Canada.
  166. Hossain, Mostafa A. R., Kyoto University, Japan.
  167. Hossain, Noor, AWT EnSight, Sydney Water, Australia.
  168. Hossain, Professor Dr. S.M. Altaf, FSRES, Bangladesh Agril. University, Bangladesh.
  169. Hossain, Professor Md. Abul, Aberdeen University, United Kingdom.
  170. Hossain, Tanvir Zubair, Canberra ACT, Australia.
  171. Hossain, Zakaria, Mie University, Japan.
  172. Hossain, Zakir, Hokkaido university, Japan.
  173. Hossain, Zamir, University of Sydney, Australia. 
  174. Husain, A. F. M. Zakir (Jewel), North Dakota University, U.S.A. 
  175. Huq, Professor Dr. Syed Bazlul, United States of America.
  176. Ibrahim, Abu, Sydney, Australia. 
  177. Ibrahim, Sayed (Rokon), Yamaguchi University, Japan. 
  178. Iqbal, Dr. Mohammed Mahbub, Saga University, Japan
  179. Iqbal, Khan Mohammad, Kagoshima University, Japan.
  180. Islam, A.F.M. Fakrul, University of New England, Australia.
  181. Islam, A.K.M. Shafiqul (Babu), Stuttgart University, Germany.
  182. Islam, Aminul, New South Wales, Australia. 
  183. Islam, Dr. Kamrul, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh.
  184. Islam, Dr. Mahmudul (Salim), Kyoto university, Japan.
  185. Islam, Dr. Nazrul, University of Sydney, Australia
  186. Islam, Dr. Tajul, La Trobe University, Australia.
  187. Islam, Dr. Shahidul, Chiba University, Japan.
  188. Islam, Dr. Zahirul, Ontario Ministry Agric. Food Rural Aff. (OMAFRA), Canada.
  189. Islam, Fakhrul, University of New England, Australia.
  190. Islam, M. Rafiqul (Mintu), Reading University, United Kingdom. 
  191. Islam, Md. Aminul (Tara), Southern Illinois University, U.S.A. 
  192. Islam, Md. Anwarul (Babu), New South Wales, Australia. 
  193. Islam, Md. Fakrul (Faruque), Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia. 
  194. Islam, Md. Nazrul , Southern Sydney Institute, Australia.
  195. Islam, Md. Nazrul, Victoria, Australia. 
  196. Islam, Md. Nazrul, Queensland University, Australia. 
  197. Islam, Md. Nurul, Sydney, Australia. 
  198. Islam, Md. Nurul, Bangladesh Open University, Bangladesh.
  199. Islam, Md. Obaidul, Gifu University, Japan. 
  200. Islam, Md. Quamrul, New South Wales, Australia. 
  201. Islam, Md. Rabiul, Tsukuba University, Japan. 
  202. Islam, Md. Shafiqul, Iwate University, Japan. 
  203. Islam, Md. Shahidul, Corvallis, OR 97330, USA.
  204. Islam, Md. Shahidul, Kyoto University, Japan.
  205. Islam, Md. Sirajul (Taju), University of the Ryukyus, Japan. 
  206. Islam, Md. Tariful, UPM, Malaysia. 
  207. Islam, Md. Tofazzal (Shaheen), Hokkaido University, Japan. 
  208. Islam, Md. Sirajul, Sydney, Australia. 
  209. Islam, Md. Syedul, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.
  210. Islam, Mirza Mofazzal (Apu), International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippines.
  211. Islam, Syed Quamrul, Kagawa University, Japan
  212. Islam, Syed Sherajul, Sydney, Australia. 
  213. Islam, Zaherul, Technical College, Sydney, Australia. 
  214. Jabbar, Dr. M. A. , Inernational Livestock Research Institute, Ethopia. 
  215. Jahan, Munira, Sydney University, Australia. 
  216. Jahan, Rowshan (Fancy), Sydney, Australia. 
  217. Jahan, Tabaruk (Samrat), Hamilton, Canada. 
  218. Jahangir, Dr. Golam Sarwar, Stockton University, USA
  219. Kabir, Dr. Zahangir, University of California, Davis, USA.
  220. Kabir, Dr. Kazi Murtaza (Lemon), Sydney, Australia.
  221. Kabir, Humayun (Mithu), Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malayasia.
  222. Kamal, Md. Rowshon, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia. 
  223. Kamruzzaman, Md., Bangladesh Bank, Bangladesh.
  224. Kamruzzaman, Mohammad (Kaiser) , University of Adelaide, Australia.
  225. Karim, Dr. Md. Abdul, Vancouver, Canada.
  226. Karim, Md. Rezaul, Sydney, Australia. 
  227. Karim, Mehmud Shafrezul (Rana), TEAM Technologies, U.S.A.
  228. Karim, Mohammad Rezaul (Zilan), University of Arizona, U.S.A.
  229. Karim, S.M. Rezaul, Aberdeen University, United Kingdom. 
  230. Kashem, Dr. Md. Abul, University of Adelaide, Australia.
  231. Kashem, Professor Dr. M. Abul, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh.
  232. Khan, Mohiuddin Alamgir, Macquarie University, Australia. 
  233. Khan, Dr. Md. Ashraf, University of Adelaide, Australia.
  234. Khan, Dr. Moazzem Hossain, Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Australia.
  235. Khan, M. Nurul Alam, University of Ryukus, Okinawa, Japan. 
  236. Khan, Masud Hossain, Stirling University, United Kingdom. 
  237. Khan, Mazibur R., Utah State University, USA
  238. Khan, Md. Abu Ali, Nagasaki University, Japan
  239. Khan, Md. Abu Ashraf, Kyushu University, Japan. 
  240. Khan, Md. Abu Hadi Noor Ali, University of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK.
  241. Khan, Md. Afiqur Rahman, Massey University, New Zealand. 
  242. Khan, Md. Nazmul Karim, Chiba University, Japan. 
  243. Khan, Md. Rokibul Islam , Miyazaki University, Japan.
  244. Khan, Moshiur Rahman (Tiplu), United States of America.
  245. Khan, Mr. Forhad, University of Flensburg, Germany. 
  246. Khan, Rafiqul Islam, University of Minnesota, U.S.A. 
  247. Khan, Rebeka Sultana, Nara Women's University, Japan. 
  248. Khan, Shawkat (Dipu), Virginia, USA
  249. Khan, Syed Ahmed (Babu), Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malayasia. 
  250. Khanam, Nurun Naahar (Shireen), Shimane University, Japan.
  251. Khatun, Abeda (Rumi), Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia. 
  252. Khondaker, Dr. Nur Ahamed, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, Japan.
  253. Khondaker, M. Mozibul Islam, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom. 
  254. Khondaker, Momota, Sydney, Australia. 
  255. Kundu, Tarun Kanti, Yamagata University, Japan. 
  256. Latif, M. Abdul, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.
  257. Ltif, Md. Abdul, Azabu University, Japan. 
  258. Mahalder, Bidyuth Kumar, Int. Instit. Aerospace Survey Earth Sci. (ITC), Netherlands. 
  259. Mahata, Shyamal Chandra, Kagoshima University, Japan. 
  260. Mahmud, Sultan, Otago University, New Zealand. 
  261. Mahmud, Dr. Yahia, Nagasaki University, Japan.
  262. Majumder, Mrs. Bhakti, Aberdeen University, Scotland, United Kingdom. 
  263. Mamun, Abdullah Al, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia. 
  264. Mamun, Ezaz Al (Happy), University of Sydney, Australia. 
  265. Mandal, Professor Dr. Sattar, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh. 
  266. Mannan, Abdul, University of the Ryukys, Okinawa, Japan.
  267. Mazid, Mohammed Abdul, Northern Teritory, Australia. 
  268. Mazumder, Quamrul H., Flowserve Corporation, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
  269. Meraz, Kh. Mostaque, University of Sydney, Australia. 
  270. Mia, Md. Abdul Halim, Wales University, United Kingdom. 
  271. Mia, Dr. Md. Wahiduzzaman, National Institute of Health Sciences, Japan.
  272. Miah, Abdul Jalil, Sydney, Australia. 
  273. Miah, Hanif (Jheelu), University of Sydney, Australia. 
  274. Miah, M. A. Halim, Sydney, Australia. 
  275. Miah, Md. Ramiz Uddin, Aberdeen University, United Kingdom. 
  276. Miah, Professor Tofazzal Hossain, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh.
  277. Mian, Dr. M. Firoz, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia. 
  278. Mian, Md. Shahajahan , University of Adelaide, Australia.
  279. Milon, Md Mainuddin, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. 
  280. Mridha, Md. Abdul Jalil, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom.
  281. Mitra, Biswa Nath, Tsukuba University, Japan. 
  282. Miya, Md. Youneus, Tokyo University of Fisheries, Japan.
  283. Mobin, S. M. A. (Tito), Nagasaki University, Japan. 
  284. Mohosena, Tanu, Nagasaki University, Japan
  285. Molla, Abul Hossain, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malayasia. 
  286. Mollah, Md Raziul Hasan (Razib), Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  287. Momen, Dr. Mir Nurul (John), Miyazaki University, Japan. 
  288. Momtaz, Ms Aliya, Ehime University, Japan. 
  289. Mondal, Dr. S. N., Gifu University, Japan.
  290. Mondal, Md. Anowar-ul-Hoque, Austarlian Cotton Research Institute, Australia.
  291. Mondol, Rahidul Alam, Yamagata University, Japan. 
  292. Moslehuddin, Dr. Abu Zofar Md., Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh.
  293. Mridha, Md. Abdul Jalil, Aberdeen University, Scotland, United Kingdom. 
  294. Mukul, Dr. Hashimul Ehsan, Kansas State University, USA.
  295. Nahar, Faizun (Chaity), Mie University, Japan. 
  296. Nahar, Kamrun (Rikta), Charles Sturt University, Australia. 
  297. Nahar, Nurun (Sushmita), Sydney, Australia.
  298. Naser, Habib Mohammad, Hokkaido University, Japan.
  299. Nurruzzaman, Md., Kochi University, Japan. 
  300. Parul, Shahida Sarker, Bangladesh Rice Research Institute, Bangladesh
  301. Parveen, Sultana, Hiroshima University, Japan. 
  302. Parvez, Dr. Mohammed Masud, JIRCAS, Tsukuba, Japan. 
  303. Parvez, Dr. Qaiyum, University of Western Sydney, Australia.
  304. Patwary, Md. Mahbubur Rahman, New South Wales University, Australia. 
  305. Paul, Dr. Swapan Kumar, Sydney, Australia. 
  306. Pramanik, Dr. M. Habibur Rahman, National Agricultural Research Center, Japan.
  307. Quadir, Dr. Mohammad A., Yanco Agricultural Institute, NSW Agriculture, Australia.
  308. Rabbany, Dr. A.B.M. Golam (Ranju), Ehime University, Japan. 
  309. Rabbani, Rasheda, Yamagata University, Japan. 
  310. Rahman, A. K. M. Mostafizur, University of Sydney, Australia.
  311. Rahman, Abu Nasar Md. Aminoor, University of Melbourne, Australia
  312. Rahman, Dr. Loothfar, NSW Agriculture at Wagga Wagga, Australia. 
  313. Rahman, Dr. Md. Azizur, Southampton University, United Kingdom. 
  314. Rahman, Dr. Md. Mostafizur, Osaka University, Japan.
  315. Rahman, Dr. Md. Shahedur, Miyazaki University, Japan. 
  316. Rahman, Dr. Md. Tanvir, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh.
  317. Rahman, Md. Siddiqur, Chonbuk National University, South Korea.
  318. Rahman, Dr. Md. Taiabur, Soil Resource Development Institute, Bangladesh.
  319. Rahman, Dr. S. M. Lutfor, USDA-Natural Resources Institute, USA
  320. Rahman, Gazi Masudur (Liton), Saga University, Japan.
  321. Rahman, Majib, Department of Land and Water Conservation, Australia.
  322. Raman, Mazumuder Arifur, Hiroshima University, Japan. 
  323. Rahman, Md. Anisur, kyushu University, Japan.
  324. Rahman, Md. Anisur, University Putra Malaysia, Malayasia. 
  325. Rahman, Md. Azizur, Wye College, University of London, United Kingdom. 
  326. Rahman Md. Bahanur, Kyoto University, Japan.
  327. Rahman, Md. Hammadur, Giessen University, Germany.
  328. Rahman, Md. Jalilur, Hull University, United Kingdom. 
  329. Rahman, Md. Khalilur, Hull University, United Kingdom. 
  330. Rahman, Md. Majibar, Victoria, Australia. 
  331. Rahman, Md. Mizanur, Wye College, United Kingdom
  332. Rahman, Md. Mizanur, University of Sydney, Australia.
  333. Rahman, Md. Mukhlesur, Hiroshima University, Japan. 
  334. Rahman, Md. Mukhlesur, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh.
  335. Rahman, Md. Mustafizur, Chiba University, Japan. 
  336. Rahman, Md. Shafiqur, United States of America. 
  337. Rahman, Md. Shahidur, Nagoya University, Japan. 
  338. Rahman, Md. Shamsur, Chiang Mai University, Thailand
  339. Rahman, Md. Tanvir, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh.
  340. Rahman, Md. Zahidur, Shimane University, Japan.
  341. Rahman, Md. Zillur (Bokul), Southern Illinois University, U.S.A. 
  342. Rahman, Md. Zulfikar, Hiroshima University, Japan 
  343. Rahman, Mohammed Zillur (Bokul), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S.A. 
  344. Rahman, Muklesur (Mamun), Stockholm University, Sweden.
  345. Rahman, Sanzidur, IFSP, CARE, Bangladesh
  346. Rashid, Md. Abdur, Gifu University, Japan.
  347. Rashid, Mohammad Harun-Ar, Innsbruck University, Austria.
  348. Reja, Md. Ali (Raj), Stirling University, United Kingdom. 
  349. Reza, Dr. A. K.M. Mahbub, Sanyu Consultants Inc, Japan. 
  350. Robbani, Mahbub, Shinshu University, Japan.
  351. Roy, Alok, Yamagata University, Japan. 
  352. Roy, Bishwajit, Sydney, Australia.
  353. Roy, Dr. Santosh Kumar, Ag Research, New Zealand. 
  354. Roy, Poritosh, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. 
  355. Roy, Prabal K., Hiroshima University, Japan.
  356. Sadek, Muhammad Jafar, Santa clarita, USA.
  357. Saha, Malay, North Dakota University, USA
  358. Saha, Pradip Kumar, Bangkok, Thailand.
  359. Sahabuddin, Md., Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.
  360. Saleque, Dr. Md. Abu, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia. 
  361. Salim, Mahmudul Islam, University Putra Malaysia, Malayasia. 
  362. Sarker, Dr. Ashutosh, Niigata University, Japan. 
  363. Sarker, Abdul Latif, Shinshu University, Japan. 
  364. Sarker, Bikash Chandra, Iwate University, Japan.
  365. Sarker, Dr. Nripendra N., Prairie Veiw A & M University, USA.
  366. Sarker, Md. Asgar Ali, Miyazaki University, Japan. 
  367. Sarker, Md. Shah Alam, Tokyo University of Fisheries, Japan.
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